State-by-State: Prices

  • Seasonally adjusted quarterly Housing Prices are above the year-ago level in all 50 states
  • Prices are in a slowing growth trend in the majority of states
  • Slowing growth in Prices is evident in much of the West, Midwest, and Southeast regions
  • Pockets of accelerating Prices growth include the upper Northeast (Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire); parts of the Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma); Alaska; Hawaii; and the Virginia/DC area.

Reader's Forum

Will the outcome of the 2020 election change ITR’s macroeconomic outlook?

Lauren Stockli, Economist at ITR Economics™, answers:

No – not in and of itself. When it comes to the economy, it’s more helpful to evaluate policy decisions than to base analysis on what party is in the White House, regardless of whether a new president takes office. Historically, growth in the US economy as measured by US Real Gross Domestic Product has not differed to a statistically significant degree during Republican and Democrat presidencies. Furthermore, while ITR monitors changes in government policies – new president or not – we do not speculate on them. Once a proposed policy becomes law, we pay attention and analyze its impact, if any, on the leading indicators. Because the media may exaggerate changes in policy, it’s important to leverage the leading indicators to make informed business decisions.

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